US Soccer Fest

2018 Adult Soccer Fest
Adult Soccer Fest serves as the premier event for recreational soccer, and it demonstrates the best qualities of our sport: spirited competition, achievement, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun! We hope to see your team at the 2018 Soccer Fest in Bellingham, Washington.

Located amid the green islands of the Washington coast and the majestic peak of Mt. Baker, Bellingham is less than 20 miles south of Canada. Bellingham boasts one of grandest natural harbors in the northwest, able to dock the largest ocean vessels. Bellingham combines local industry, the savvy of a college town, and a robust lifestyle dating back to 1852. The city is filled with magnificent scenery, a culture of outdoor recreation, Western Washington University, the Alaska Ferry, the Canadian border, Mt. Baker, the Salish Sea, local food, spirits, art and music. These are all part of the genuine Bellingham experience. - BCC
Bellingham Player Guide
Posted Jul 8, 2018

Bellingham Player Guide

The Bellingham Player Guide will answer all your questions about the week in Bellingham!

Bellingham 2018 Visitor's Guide