US Soccer Fest



Q: If I have a State/League issued pass do I need to register online?
A: Yes, All players will need to register online in order to particpate in the tournament. 

Q: What if I play in multiple teams?
A: Players that play in multiple teams can register using one account. Player will receive an invite email for each team. You will then login to your account and complete the steps in order to register with the team.

Q: How do I verify my age?
A: New player to the tournament will need to upload their age verfication. Players can upload verfication during registration Returning players do not need to submit a age verfication. 

Q: How do I invite players to my team?
A: Please download the step by step guide by clicking the link below.

Q: How do I check the status of my player's registrations?
A: You can check the status of all your players by logging in to your team page. Once logged in you will click on the roster tab and then click to add new roster members. Once on the invite page, you can scroll down and see Existing Roster Members and will be able to see each player Invite Status.

Q: I see my player accepted the invite but still show "Pending Age/ID Verification when the player told me they submitted the necessary documents?
A: Since there can be a number of reasons why a player has not been approved we recommend contacting the office emailing

Q: What if a player does not have internet access to register?
A: If you have a player(s) that are having a hard time registering online or don't have access to a computer please contact the office and we will assist in getting the player(s) registered.

Check-in and Games

Q: When is Team Check-in?
A: Team check-in is on Tuesday, July 9 at the host hotel. Teams can also check in at the HQ tent during the tournament but we strongly recommend that teams check in the night before the game to ensure team rosters are complete. Only the team manager/coach needs to check in team. 

Q: What if I can't make Team Check-in on Tuesday night?
A: Managers are able to finalize their roster online up to 5 days before the tournament. You will need to email if you will like to confirm your team's roster. Another option is a player from the team can come in on Tuesday to check the team in. 

Q: When are game schedules released? 
A: Game schedules will be made public no later than 1 week before the tournament starts. 

Q: Can we request to make changes to our game times?
A: We can not make any changes to the schedule once it is released. Teams should be prepared to play anytime between 7 am - 8 pm each day.

Q: What time our the games on Championship Sunday?
A: Teams should be prepared to play anytime between 7 am - 2 pm. The final game times for each division will be released at least a month before the tournament.